It is time to hack something new. So, the AG SHP appears to be fine for the next project. First step will be to retrieve as much as possible information about the system. I did already spent some hours in such a system – feels like next generation console games. As far as I know, the system is made by a UK company. Let’s see what I can figure out about the system within the next three months.


How to repair IIS mapping after you remove and reinstall IIS

In case IIS is installed after the .NET framework based on MSDN

"%windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\version\aspnet_regiis.exe" -i

also works for the latest Framework versions…

“After you install the Microsoft .NET Framework Software Development Kit (SDK), Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2002, Visual Studio .NET 2003, or Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS) mappings are created to associate the new file extensions and settings for ASP.NET. If you did not have IIS installed when you ran the SDK or Visual Studio Setup, or if you uninstalled and reinstalled IIS after you ran the SDK or Visual Studio Setup, those settings will not be in place. You experience unexpected behavior when you try to view ASP.NET pages.”


DSL-Tools v1 for Visual Studio 2005

DSL-Tools v1 for Visual Studio 2005 are finally available.

“… Version 1 of Domain-Specific Language Tools lets you create a custom graphical designer that uses your own domain-specific diagrammatic notation. You can then create custom text templates that use models created in your designer to generate source code and other files. Domain-Specific Language Tools requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition or above. …”

Thanks to Damir for his post. Otherwise I would have missed it. Actually, I was looking for exactly such a tool for my research.

Advice for Ph.D. students from Tony Hoare

Niels Lohmann did a video of the closing session, given by Sir Tony Hoare at a Summer School in 2006. Even talking to him several times over here in Cambridge, it’s great to see this video.

“At the International Summer School Marktoberdorf 2006, Tony Hoare was asked to give the talk at the closing session. He gave a lot of advices for Ph.D. students, and I am glad I made a video of it to share these advices”

Sorting Bullet Lists

Ever stuck in sorting a huge bullet list? One of the 90% unknown Word features.

The Sort Text command can be used to alphabetize lists instantly.

  1. Type a list of names, pressing ENTERafter each name. Your list should look something like:
    • Madeleine Kelly
    • Brian Cox
    • Tamara Johnston
  2. Select the entire list.
  3. On the Table menu, click Sort.
  4. Click Options, click Other, press SPACEBAR and then click OK.
  5. In the Sort by list, click Word 2, and then click OK. Now your list looks like this:
    • Brian Cox
    • Tamara Johnston
    • Madeleine Kelly
  6. Repeat steps 1 through 5, but click Word 1 in the Sort by list, and your list will look like this:
    • Brian Cox
    • Madeleine Kelly
    • Tamara Johnston