The Lost Powertoys

After years of using Windows XP, I got used to some additional features provided by Microsoft Windows XP Powertoys. Coming with a couple of new features I still missing some very essential tools for my daily work. The two things I miss the most are Open Command Window Here and Image Resizer.

Pressing shift while clicking a folder in Explorer brings up the Open Command Window then.

Open Command Window Here

World Wind 1.4

Currently I have started a new project and I am looking into some geo-related projects. NASA World Wind 1.4 is now available. World wind makes massive usage of .NET and DirectX and runs quite smooth under windows Vista. The data is also provided by Microsoft Research TerraServer-USA, hosting aerial photography and topographic maps.

World Wind

World Wind

Unfortunately, TerraServer provides only United States Geologically Survey (USGGS) data. Better images for local European location can be accessed using the Virtual Earth plug-in, available from here. A video of Virtual Earth in World wind can be found here. Unfortunately, the plug-in does not seem to work with the latest World Wind version.

[Update 24/02/2007]

With the updated plug-in for version 1.4 available also the Virtual Earth data can be displayed.

World Wind Data