Monitoring of Vulnerable Habitats

One reason I recently don’t blog too much is the fact that I am a bit restricted in what I can tell. Being involved in some exciting projects, the confidentiality of these projects does not allow much publicity.

Finally, one of the projects was revealed to public. Today I was pointed to a BBC news article on the web. Last season, Robin Freeman, post-doc in the Computational Ecology and Environmental Science group at Microsoft Research Cambridge did a great project in monitoring vulnerable habitats of the manx shearwater species at Skomer Island, UK.

Being affiliated to the European Science Initiative at MSR Cambridge, I was part of the team developing several pieces of software deployed on the island together with an wireless sensor network. The project was in close collaboration with Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin, Germany and Oxford University, UK. Some more information on the project can be found on its website.

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