Goodby Enpass?

In our podcast, we have recently talked about Enpass, beeing “the” alternative for 1Password. Why? Because of their “Buy it, have it, use it!” policy. Even the drawback of buying the app for three platforms was absolutely acceptable.

While I still had one blog article in my queue, I moved my passwords and secrets step by step from 1Password to Enpass. While there is no decent migration path, I had to di this password by password. 250 times. Roughly.

Again, it is a one time purchase. This is good. I would be happy to pay upgrade fees from time to time.

Today (13th of November), Enpass announced on their blog their plans to switch to a subscription model as well. And here another great app goes down the drain.

I am not against subscriptions, I pay for an XBOX live subscription, Netflix subscription and even for a Microsoft Office 365 subscription. I pay for a Todoist subscription as well. So, why would I not be willing to pay a subscription for an offline password manager software app? As we talked about in the podcast, I do not expect that many features or even maintenance for the app. It’s working. There might be some bugfixes as well. But I do not expect any regularly added features that would justify a subscription (for me).

I think we will talk about this in one of our next podcast episodes as well. So stay tuned.

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