XML Web Service on a Chip

Invisible computing: Not brand new but quite interesting to read:

“This site has the source code and documentation for Microsoft Invisible Computing. It is a research prototype for making small devices part of the seamless computing world. This site contains the source code and is available free of charge for research and educational use under the Microsoft Shared Source License.”

And even better, the code is Shared Source.

ICWE 2006 and Models

Back from the ICWE 2006 conference, finally I found some minutes to re-think about all the talks seen there and papers read in the proceedings. Actually, I found out that there are many approaches to model systems. Finally, there are a few questions I think about when I hear the term model:

  1. How easy is it to create and change the model? Do I need tool support or can I do it using pen and paper?
  2. Is the model machine-readable? Can I process the model in any way? What is the benefit of the model?
  3. Do I create the model and the the artifacts depicted in the model or do I create the model with respect to the artifacts i have found? What happens if these artifacts change?
  4. In school I learned in chemistry about models. For this our teacher showed us a Matchbox car.