Master of Data and Web Engineering

It’s official now: From the next term on, Chemnitz University of Technology offers a Master of Data and Web Engineering. Interested in it? Get the English flyer. There is also a verbose German description available. Why this is cool? Because you can study and learn with one of the founders of the Web Engineering community. If you are interested in this topic read the first paper in the first issue of the Journal of Web Engineering from 2002. Definitely a step forward for this research area.

Master of Data and Web Engineering

In High Regard

Yesterday, I received the deeply sad message that Prof. Karen Spärck Jones died in the age of 71. During last year’s Microsoft Research Summer School she was one of the judges members evaluating the student’s posters – such as mine. The critics have been quite hard but very effective, clearly telling what was missing and what has to be improved. One of the few valuable reviews.

Some of her artwork can be seen in the public area at Microsoft Research in Cambridge in the Roger Needham Building. Whenever you attend a talk or lecture there, you should have a look…

Advice for Ph.D. students from Tony Hoare

Niels Lohmann did a video of the closing session, given by Sir Tony Hoare at a Summer School in 2006. Even talking to him several times over here in Cambridge, it’s great to see this video.

“At the International Summer School Marktoberdorf 2006, Tony Hoare was asked to give the talk at the closing session. He gave a lot of advices for Ph.D. students, and I am glad I made a video of it to share these advices”