WaitOne and PInvoke

Unfortunately, there is no way to copy a .NET desktop application to a compact framework based system. The compact framework does only support a subset of the .NET library.

Two typical problems while migrating a multi-threaded application to the Compact Framework can be solved as following:

The first issue appears when using the Sleep-method of threads.

System.TimeSpan yield = new System.TimeSpan(10);

The compact framework does not support any signature accepting TimeSpan as parameter. Simply convert the value to an integer using the milliseconds solves this one.

System.TimeSpan ts = new System.TimeSpan(10);
int yield = ts.Milliseconds;

More complex is the usage of the WaitOne-method. WaitOne only provides a signature without any parameters on the compact Ffamework. A simple solution is the usage of the following PInvoke

private extern static Int32 WaitForSingleObject(System.IntPtr Handle,System.Int32 Wait);

Using this you can substitute calls similar to this

foo.WaitOne((int)((bar - System.DateTime.Now.Ticks), false);

by the flowing lines to achieve the same result:

System.IntPtr hProcess = foo.Handle;
System.Int32 wait = (int)((bar - System.DateTime.Now.Ticks));
WaitForSingleObject(hProcess, wait);

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