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A wile a go A parent’s primer to computer slang was published. Due to a discussion of allowing “texting” (acronyms used for text messages) for official exam in New Zealand, I was pointed on this page, how history lessons may look in the future.

All Quiet on the Western Front

German_Emp takes a screenshot during the crucial moments before his defeat. Many have criticized USA for bunny-hopping.

German_Emp: this sux

German_Emp: i coulda been playing Halo 2

German_Emp: let's end this

USA: ok

UK: ya

USA: u guyz lose tho

Aus_HuNg: i dun even care NEmore

*Aus_HuNg has left the game*

German_Emp: Tht sux0r3d

Franc3: yeah

*Inflation for German_Emp increases to 376,346,568,356.978* 

WeimaRep engages in a bit of ironic foreshadowing

*Player:German_Emp now known as WeimaRep 

WeimaRep: i hav liek a depression now

USA: ROFL emo. pWn3d

Franc3: STFU i hav 1 to

WeimaRep: good thing this will nvr happen again!

Franc3: yeah, def.

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