Firefly on HD-DVD

Serenity is one of the few science fiction movies available right now on HD-DVD (in Germany). Furthermore, Firefly the series around the spaceship seem to be available on DVD as well. However, today I just surfed on Universal HD’s Firefly page were they announce to show Firefly in TV in HD – which could mean that the series could be available on HD-DVD soon… so I’ll wait with the order.

Firefly HD


  1. Lars


    Universal HD is a HDTV channel that broadcasts mainly movies, TV shows or other events from other NBC Universal channels (like NBC, SciFi, …). However, the broadcast rights for Firefly should be purchased from 20th Century Fox, because they are the rights holder for the show. Since 20th Century Fox is Blu-Ray exclusive, I think it’s highly doubtful that Firefly will be released on HD-DVD anytime soon (furthermore: Fox hasn’t published any TV show on Blu-Ray yet and Firefly isn’t the most successful show, they own)

  2. Reply

    I was not aware of this. As far as I can see, the copyrights of Serenty are also held by 20th Century Fox. The movie, however, was released by Universal on HD-DVD. So there might be still a bit hope to see the series on HD-DVD?

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