Monday Morning Mug #6

Monday Morning MugLast week I took of a week to finish a couple of personal things, therefore nothing really interesting happened so far. There is a Windows Sidebar Refresh, which cold be worth a look. Reading Scott Hanselman’s Reading to Be a Better Developer I think about introducing a daily code-review hour. In fact I completely support that you become only a good coder if you read really a lot of code. Writing code is hard, reading it should hard, too. Really? Matthias had some thought on comments in source code which is directly linked to writing code. Something to pick up!



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    I have read lots and lots of code, mostly open source, but I found very little of it worth imitating. Sure, when you’re learning a new programming language, it helps a lot to see how "things are done" in the new culture. But you quickly move beyond that level.

    Learning design through real-world code is a difficult thing, too: Clever designs aren’t that easy to find in large code bases, even if they’re there. I think that’s why the design pattern movement is so successful. They provide clever ideas in easily accessible ways. But knowing your bookshelf, I don’t think that’s news to you 🙂

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