Windows Search 4.0 Preview

Nick White recently announced the Windows Search 4.0 Preview. The description of the Remote Index Discovery seems to be promising.

The first positive improvement after the installation I realized is a ‘Pause’ button at the ‘Indexing options’. A tray icon, for convenient pausing the indexing, as I did know from the early versions of MSN Desktop Search or Microsoft Research’s Stuff I’ve Seen, is not provided.

WS4 Indexing Options

On the Windows Server 2003 installation, I find a tab at the ‘Advanced Options’ allowing me to add UNC locations. Since I had no Desktop Search running on my server before I am not sure if this is some new feature.

WS4 Advanced Option at Windows Server 2K3

So far, I haven’t found anything about the Remote Index Discovery, yet. However, I will follow up the development of the Desktop Search in the future.

semantic web

N3 Validator

While dealing a lot with RDF and Notation3 (N3), I was looking for a way to check my N3 expressions. At W3C’s site you can find a N3 validator that allows you to validate your statements against Notation3 grammar.


Public Day at TechFest 2008

Last week, I spend at Microsoft’s TechFest presenting the work done at Microsoft Research Cambridge over the lat 12 months. Rob Knies gives a overall insight into our research at the community sites of Microsoft Research. I just surfed onto another article written by Briony Smith for itWorldCanada telling about what we showed there, well as the official press statement about our research.