WebComposition/DGS Update

After some discussion about the WebComposition/DGS configuration this week, we changed the usage of schema validation with the Web.config file. The validation scope is now not bound anymore to data adapters directly. Rather we introduced a default validation defined in the Web.config such as

 <webComposition> <dataGridService> <defaultValidationscope="None"/> ...

Valid values are ‘None’, ‘List’ and ‘Element’.This schema scope represents the default schema validation scope whenever an information store is created and data is added. If set to ‘None’ no validation is performed at all. Using ‘Element’ the added XML is validated against the schema (a-priori validation) before the element is added to the information store while the usage of ‘List’ causes the data to be validated against the schema after being added to the information store (a posteriori validation).

The settings can be easily overwritten by using RDF meta data e.g. when using the N3 filter on a information store http://www.foo.bar/myStore:


That way, the default value can be always adapted to the specific need for a single information store.

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