There is an upcoming book I am looking forward to: O’Reilly’s RESTful .NET by Jon Flanders.

That’s what the cover text says so far:

“RESTful .NET is the first book that teaches Windows developers to build RESTful web services using the latest Microsoft tools. Written by WFC expert Jon Flanders, this hands-on tutorial demonstrates how you can use WCF and other components of the .NET 3.5 Framework to build, deploy and use REST-based web services in a variety of application scenarios. No prior knowledge of REST or WCF is required to get started.”

I am thinking about the REST concept now for a while and I am really interested in the way Jon is going to address some of the issues such as secure REST endpoints. He will also address the ADO.NET Data Services which follow the REST principles quite well. I am not to optimistic right now about it, since REST is not as easy as it is commonly thought.

The book is scheduled for October and so I just added it to my wish list, not to forget about it.

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