SailfishOS Miataru Client 0.2 available

Today, we pushed version 0.2 of the SailfishOS Miataru client to the OpenRepos. From there it’s available via the Warehouse app.

First of all, Cyril Lintanff took some effort and came up with an awesome logo for the SailfishOS app.

Miataru IconWe took the the original Miataru M from the iPhone app, and used it with well aligned with the SailfishOS guidelines. If you check the M it is a marker on a map, where the SailfishOS logo is used as contour map. All the credits for this mind blowing design belong indeed to Cyril.

With version 0.2 we fixed the recent start up issue, where as the app did start once and only once. We also introduced some kind of a database revisioning which makes it simple to update databases from any version you are currently running to any higher version. The first start might take a second or so more, however, we save some milliseconds when switching pages within the app.

Miataru First PageIn addition, thanks to Daniel for a bunch of live debugging on the Miataru server, we were able to fix some malformed requests (which ended up in new test cases for the Miataru server as well ). We now can display all devices you added to the device list on the map in the SailfishOS Cllient. Unfortunately, your own device does still stick on the coordinates of Karlsruhe, Germany, where the app is currently developed. I haven’t managed to fully access the internal position API of the Jolla phone, yet – however this is the next bit we are currently working on.

Miataru Map on SailfishOS There’s no dedicated discussion forum or bug tracker yet, however the easiest way to send in any requests or questions regarding the app is the OpenRepos page of the app. It’s currently open for comments and being read frequently.

Stay tuned for the next update, though…


  1. Thomas


    Hi, That’s a great start!
    Unfortunately my Miataru doesn’t start anymore in this 0.2 version. Is there a way to delete the Configs an Cache?I had a quick look in the Home directory but didn’t find them. where are they stored?

    Thank you and best regards

    • Reply

      Hi Thomas, thanks for the feedback. No cache needs to be deleted. Did you update the app via Warehouse or did you do a clean install? Try to remove the app, reboot the Jolla and install from Warehouse. If this doesn’t help I’ll probably need to add some logging or maintainance mode. In case the database is the problem I might be able to provide a workaround. Anyway, thanks for the feedback and thank you very much for using Miataru!

      • Thomas


        Hi Andreas,
        i did an update from the last one with the new Icon (can’t remember the version number).
        I did several uninstalls/reinstalls via Warehouse. after your suggestion to do a reboot after uninstalling its working again. 😀

        Thanks for the idea.
        As you are from Germany: noch nen schönen Abend ;-P

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