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I haven’t used feed readers a lot after Google Reader was cancelled on March 13, 2013. Before I made extensive use of it with quite a lot of resources. Personal weblogs, article feeds and so on. Once Google cancelled Reader it seemed many applications and sites stopped supporting RSS and Atom as they did before. I am not saying they did not provide feeds anymore, however, it seemed that feeds haven’t been first class citizen of the Web anymore.

Since my personal focus recently changed towards new and actual technologies (again), I started to read a lot more online articles as I did during the recent six years. So once again, I am looking for an alternative to Google Reader (again).

Feedly never seemed to work for me due to various reasons, including a monthly fee of 5$. But recently I found Inoreader to be very handy. So far, I was not aware of this service.

First of all, it is a Freemium service as well, however, with the free membership it seems you get all basic functionality needed. The very only limitation seems to be a limit of 150 sources. Once reached you can upgrade to 20$ yearly plan to set a new limit of 500 sources. This seems a absolute reasonable price I am willing to pay for this service.

Inoreader Screenshot

So I will give it a try to keep up to date with my favourite sites, looking forward to hit the mark of 150 sources soon.



  1. Max


    I love Tiny Tiny RSS Reader ( It’s simple, lightweight and fast. I don’t know whether it supports mobile devices but it’s been my RSS reader for the past two years and I never had any issues with it. A drawback is that you need to install it on your own server 🙂

    • andreas


      Nice hint. I might give it a try, as I do prefer self-hosted contend. Putting it into Docker containers might be my next side project.

  2. Lars


    I am using NewsBlur ( which has a free tier (also with subscription limits) and an unlimited paid tier for 36$. It also has mobile apps for iOS and Android and its source code is open source, so you can also host it yourself.

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