Hack-The-Planet TV – My Streaming Side Project

I have struggled with this idea for a while. Meanwhile, I live in the countryside. I have to drive 45 minutes to the next city. It’s quite a distance. And I have a toddler. Two, there will be soon. Consequently, it is not that easy to quickly join a Meetup or User Group meeting in the evening. And I miss talking to other techies. Kids change you live. Especially if you are a nerd, geek, and techie.

In addition, I will start a new position in September 2019 as a professor for Software Engineering. I will cover all the hot shit topics like DevOps, Cloud Computing, maybe some Big Data stuff and basically everything that will come along in the future.

Teaching at university, however, is old school. Platforms like Coursera and others are nothing else. It’s just old school (but online, yeah). So I have a plan. I will try to make things different. I will meet my students (and probably a lot of other folks) in the world I grew up and still live. Here. Online.

Therefore, all the above points led me to a new project called Hack-The-Planet TV.

What do I do? Rising Geeks! Teaching computer science and software engineering by day, I will do the fun parts not covered in the official curriculum by night.

We’ll do Let’s Plays, Let’s Codes and just talk. I teach in German, and so the overall Project will be in German. Sorry to you all out there as you’ll miss the best parts.

While this is going to be a challenging project I want to cover a couple of things:

  • Streaming: I’just started my Twitch channel HackThePlanetTV.
    I’ll be working on a schedule. I plan to stream once a week. I have to figure out a schedule. Until then I will rather stream occasionally. Apologize for the short notice in the near future.
  • Let’s Code: Not only but also in the streams, I want to cover typical problems you are taught at university. I’ll do live codings with whatever technology and other stuff – record these and put the videos online.
  • Open Source: I’ll try to put as much as possible everything OSS. Therefore, everything will end up on GitHub.
  • Podcasts: I commute a lot. I enjoy listening to podcasts. I’ll try to set something up where we (currently looking for to with whom I’ll team up) talk about all the geeky stuff creating an own podcast.
  • www.hack-the-planet.tv: Of course, I will try to host as much content as possible by myself. Therefore, during my first stream, I have set up my own web presence for the project: www.Hack-The-Planet.tv

And now you probably think: Why the heck is he doing this? I used to be a developer, architect, I run my own business, I was a team led and spend the last five years as a product manager. I got bored with engineering stuff. In was challenged by a higher manager, if I would do my job if it would not be necessary to earn money. That’s like living in the Star Trek universe. So I quit my job. I don’t think he is aware of what he caused by his question. I went to university to teach. I started to teach the kids to get well-paid developers. And I want to do the fun stuff.


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