Veni, Vidi, Vici. Stream on.

I told last post about setting up a streaming project. I usually do this to set myself a deadline. And it worked.

During the last few days, I set up my Twitch account, created a YouTube brand, and started my first live stream. During the first evening, I did set up the Website using Ansible and Docker in my first three hours live stream. I also tried a second stream with my s***y headset and even managed to record it and throw it onto YouTube. I have to apologize for the bad quality, but I am still learning.

I learned a lot about filters and hardware, are still looking for a schedule and how to manage this whole setup. I probably start streaming frequently in September.

For streaming and recording, I decided to use OBS Studio. There are some alternatives out there as well as some variants with various extensions.

I have set up a hardware wish list at Amazon (Hey! Sponsors where you?) as this is an educational and non-commercial project. Altogether it has been a busy week but a huge part of the infrastructure is in place, including a lot of learning but also failing.

Next step: I am starting chatting about the podcast. Maybe this will start soon as well.

Said that there was a major decision I had to make. All content created for and provided by Hack-The-Planet TV will be solely in German. The audience in the first place are students of mine speaking German most of the time. Also, there is a lot of content in English already available, Much more than German. But I see and feel the need for content in their first language.


    • andreas


      I’ll see. I just tried another Headset (with microphone) I will use for the next session. It seems to be better but still the sound is not good. I think it will end with a good headset mounted microphone and one or two “normal” ones. For the last couple of years I did a lot of video conferences and actually I really like headsets. However, when on video I always think how stupid this looks 😉

  1. Ein begeisterter Zuschauer


    Wann wird es den nächsten Stream geben?

    Die meisten Streamer auf Twitch und YouTube nutzen Studiomikrofone von Rhode, AudioTechnica, etc. Die Qualität ist einfach besser und es gibt viel mehr Einstellungen.

    • andreas


      Vielleicht klappt es heute noch, wenn wird per Twitter angekündigt – ansonsten versuche ich gerade ab KW 28 einen Schedule aufzustellen, dann sollte endlich auch ein besseres Mikrophon da sein. Wir haben aktuell noch ein paar andere „Dinge“ für Hack-The-Planet in Planung. Aber dazu mehr im nächsten Live Stream.

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