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I assume I have written a dozen of ToDo apps myself and I have tried out at least twice the number of apps, however, I never used one of these apps more than a few days or weeks. Mostly because the apps had some major lack of functionality, such as mailing todos, syncing over various platforms and so on.

Eventually, I ended up with Todoist. I was not aware of this tool, but I am highly pleased with it since I used it.

It comes with Browser integration (i.e. I can use it on my Macbook as well as on my Windows PC), it comes with an easy to use iOS app and it has some quite nice features:


Works always. It is called Karma in the app. I gained a lot. I plan to gain more. This is ridiculous but it works. If you don’t finish tasks you lose Karma, if you fulfill your tasks, you gain. If you accomplish repeating tasks your Karma raises. It works for me – and it’s simple without putting pressure on you.

Easy Syntax

What really works well for me ist the super simple syntax of creating tasks.

Wash the car tomorrow#home

will schedule the task for tomorrow (other things like next week works as well) and sort the task into your project home. It really saves you a lot of clicks in the app.


Each project can have its own mail recipient. I simply keep them in my address book and send emails to <ToDo Home> . That’s much better than keeping the todos in your inbox as I did until recently.

Create todo from Webpages

This is one of the killer features for me. I often end up reading a webpage thinking, I have to follow up on this topic. Eventually, I send myself an email. You get the idea where it usually ends.

I guess I haven’t figured out all the features, yet. However, the features mentioned above I just used by exploring the apps without reading any documentation. Therefore the tool is a big yes in my opinion. I hope they keep it up this way, as I have seen many great apps suddenly being torn down by feature creep.

Link: https://todoist.com/

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