Being an astronaut?

Check out if you want to know if you would be an astronaut candidate. Being fascinated by space, I think I missed the right direction at one point. I only do fit 50% into the required scheme.

What’s the test about?

Astronaut Aptitude Test asks a series of lifestyle and knowledge questions based on official NASA Astronaut Candidate requirements to determine how suited you are to space. The quiz also includes visual tests based on psychological studies to analyse your spatial visualisation, mechanical comprehension and abstract reasoning Рthe essential qualities that NASA first tested in 1959.

So what I am missing? The results of the questionnaire are broken down on the website:

The good point: I would fit into space based on my personality. I did not do well in the physics and astronomy questions, therefore I really really failed in knowledge and education. Actually, I did not know in which whatever “sphere” satellites do fly.

Said that I think I have to read some astronomy books and I will come to the test back at a later point. Give it a try. It might surprise you as well.


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