Loader Lock was detected

While preparing some demos to show cool stuff at PDC 05 I installed the hot new DirectX SDK Update August 2005. Unfortunately, VS 2005 does not like the update. After starting my already testet applications using DirectInput an Exception occured. A LoaderLock was detected… what the heck?

LoaderLock was detected

Actually, you can find something about this issue in the Visual C++ 2005 Library and Runtime Enhancements transcript. Also Tone Engel has found this isue already and posted the solution in his blog.


Just set a new string value mda = “0” under HKEY_LOCAL_MACINESOFTWAREMicrosoft.NETFramework. Looks like it does not solve the problem, but at least the error message disapears.

Implement Interface

If you have to use often contracts in Microsoft Communication Foundatation aka Indigo, sometimes you become really bored by implementing all the interfaces. Visual Studio 2005 helps you saving a lot of time by choosing the interface your class inherits from. Using the Implement Interface menu item you will get all the methods required by the interface.

Implement Interface