Got Root #4

It is finally done. After some exiting days I moved my web site, blog and domain to my new server. A few seconds ago, I was informed about the succeeded the domain transfer. Now I am just waiting that all the DNS entries are updated. Since everything is already set up and prepared for the domain name, the overall project is accomplished.

In to make sure such a relocation goes off without a hitch, just follow a few simple rules

  1. Terminate the contract with our current provider, best in written form or by fax
  2. Inform your current provider about the domain transfer
  3. Request the domain transfer with your new provider
  4. Set up your Web applications on the new site – test it!
  5. Make the site listening to the domain name to be moved.
  6. Make sure you have some mail server set up already listening to the domain name being moved.

That’s all.

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