Adobe PDF Preview for Windows 64-bit

Microsoft’s Windows 7, Outlook 2007 and Adobe’s Acrobat just do not play well together on 64-bit systems. After receiving a PDF document via email, Outlook usually cannot display the PDF.

Outlook PDF Preview

When selection Preview File, you will simply get the message PDF Preview Handler for Vista (Vista!?) caused an error.

Outlook PDF Preview Handler for Vista


For now, the only way to view the PDF file is to open it in an external PDF reader. Leo Davidson provides a fix that finally solves this issue. Just get the fix, and run the Adobe Reader preview handler x64 fixer.exe which is included in the file.

Leo Davidson's Preview Handler Fix

After applying the fix, both, the 32-bit AppID as well as the 64-bit AppID will show the value as correct.

Leo Davidson's Preview Handler Fix

No reboot required, just go back to Outlook (worked even without restarting the application) and et voilà.

Fixed Outlook PDF Preview

Thanks to Leo Davidson, who provides this outstanding fix. Well played.

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