A Pi’s Home

A few weeks ago, I ordered my very personal Raspberry Pi. I ordered mine with element14 from the UK. Actually element14 is Farnell, which in turn is well known in the UK. In fact, we ordered many times with Farnell during my time at Microsoft Research in Cambridge when we needed sensors and stuff for our projects.

The Case

I also picked a case for 6 Euro from RS Components which is available in white, black and sort of transparent plastic.

Raspberry Pi and Case

The board firs perfectly into the case, even with a little bit of fiddling. To fit the board into the bottom part of the case you need to bend the circuit board quite a bit so it moves under the clips.

Fitted Board

At bottom side the case provides quite good rubber stands with a quite good friction. Even with all the cables in the Raspberry Pi, the case should be relatively stable – considering the weight.

Raspberry Pi Case Bottom

Once assembled, the case look pretty nice – all ports and slots easily accessible.

Assembled Raspberry Pi Case

Still working through the Raspberry Pi’s possibilities, it now looks at least much more like  something you can put on your desk.


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      No, I just gathered all required peripherals required, i.e. power supply, HDMI cable/adapter, SD card. The most of the stuff can be obtained from AmazonBasics. Last missing item just arrived yesterday. Said that, I will post about the additional hardware within the next few days. Once assembled, the next step will be setting up an OS on it. Still don’t know which one I should use. Maybe afterwards I might try to run some web cams (I just found some spare ones) on it.

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