Open Live Writer–Offline Blogging on Windows

While I worked with Microsoft, Windows LiveWriter was my favourite offline writing tool for blog posts. At one point Microsoft stopped supporting Live Writer in 2017 while the tool itself was not developed anymore since 2012. About that time I moved on to Apple and MarsEdit on macOS.

Therefore, I was very pleased when I found Open Live Writer while looking for blogging alternatives on Windows. OPen Live writer is a fork of Windows Live Writer with source code available under a MIT License on GitHub

Open Live Writer Homepage

The installation file is just about 6 MB (indeed megabyte not gigabyte). It supports WordPress, SharePoint, Google Blogger and probably every other service with a proper blogging API.

Supported Blogging Services

Eventually, I set up my blog on Open Live Writer and this article became the very first article IO have written on a Windows machine for the past sever years.


Open Live Writer is a nice offline blogging tool for Windows, just in case you missed it like me.


  1. Reply

    *sigh*… it’s Windows only again. By now i’ve switched to Mac+Linux almost exclusively. I loved the tool back in the days! Good to see that it was opened up.

  2. andreas


    Me too, servers on Linux and my main laptop is a 12″ MacBook. I picked up recently a 15″ gaming laptop for some coding and running Docker and Linux VMs on it as the MacBook is too small for it and any proper MacBook Pro is just way to expensive, though.

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