Started the Podcast

A few weeks ago, I announced to start my personal educational project Hack-the-Planet.

I started the GitHub Project, the Twitch Stream and we already gathered a small community at Reddit and Discord.

Eventually, I wanted to start a podcast. However alone, it’s only half the fun. Said that I had a surprising phone call by an old friend who was willing to start the podcast with me. That’s not only a lot of fun but also a great honor to perform the Podcast with him.

Yesterday, we finally recorded episode 0 of the podcast and already published it. The Podcast is already available at Spotify and will be available soon at iTunes as well once the Apple site works again. More on this topic in episode 1. If you are using any other application I can also subscribe directly from our feed or head to the podcast site at

We hope to publish an episode once a week. So stay tuned and feel free to subscribe to the podcast.

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