Corona Neolinguism

This is something, probably only Germans understand: we now have a whole list of new words in German related to Corona.

Personally, I have not seen our language evolving that fast.

In der Berichterstattung über die Coronapandemie werden einige für den deutschen Allgemeinwortschatz neue Wörter sowie bekannte Wörter mit neuen Bedeutungen verwendet. Manche sind aus dem Englischen entlehnt, andere im Deutschen gebildet. Neben etwas älteren Lexemen stehen ganz neue, neben solchen aus bestimmten Fachsprachen solche, die außerhalb von Fachkontexten entstanden sind.

Neolinguismus Wörterbuch:

Real-Time Fire Map for California

There are only a few maps I really find useful. However, the real-time fire map for California is really a thing:

Fires are a natural part of California ecosystems. Historic fires occur at frequent intervals, but with lower intensity. The high severity and acreage fires commonly seen today are driven by more extreme weather and build-up of fuel from our ongoing fire suppression activities.

There is a lot of useful information about the current fire situation on this map, such as fire perimeter and hot spots. In addition other useful information such as wind patterns and air quality are considered.

The data used is also available via GeoMAC Wildland Fire Support.

Real-time fire map:

Debugging Rules

When In doubt how to proceed when debugging starts to become an epic battle, I always follow the 9 debugging rules of David Agans.

I always tell my students I carry a cheat sheet of these rules with me. It is now about 9 years old I think. It survived 5 companies and countless projects.

Over thermometer I always realized: you might want to apply these rule to real life problems as well. It does work surprisingly well.

David Agan‘s Debugging Rules

Lifehack: Reducing the Temperature in your Rabbit Warren

More than 30° Celcius (ie. more than 86° Fahrenheit) is quite hot if you are a rabbit. As we keep some handtame rabbits in an outdoor rabbit warren, we thought of how it could be possible to reduce the temperature in an open area. This is a problem probably not being solved with electronics or software at all unless you plan to include liquid nitrogen in your solution.

Very Hot Rabbit Warren

Eventually, we found this awesome cooling set from Gardena (Amazon affiliate link). I was pointed to it last year by Clemens as he tweeted about it in his rabbit warren.

Gardena Cooling System

Originally designed for the convenience of human beings, it turns out, this is quite relaxing for rabbits as well. The system creates a very fine mist cooling down the sprinkled are several degrees.

Relaxed and Cooled Down Rabbits

Started the Podcast

A few weeks ago, I announced to start my personal educational project Hack-the-Planet.

I started the GitHub Project, the Twitch Stream and we already gathered a small community at Reddit and Discord.

Eventually, I wanted to start a podcast. However alone, it’s only half the fun. Said that I had a surprising phone call by an old friend who was willing to start the podcast with me. That’s not only a lot of fun but also a great honor to perform the Podcast with him.

Yesterday, we finally recorded episode 0 of the podcast and already published it. The Podcast is already available at Spotify and will be available soon at iTunes as well once the Apple site works again. More on this topic in episode 1. If you are using any other application I can also subscribe directly from our feed or head to the podcast site at

We hope to publish an episode once a week. So stay tuned and feel free to subscribe to the podcast.

Unsolicited SMS Advertising

For some days, SMS seems to be in some kind of renaissance. Frequently, I receive unsolicited SMS advertising. Not necessary to add, this is quite annoying.

While I am personally not necessarily happy with all the regulation and rules we have in Germany, I really do like the telecommunication regulations. In the early years of the internet, I successfully dealt with dialers and other malware using the possibility, the Federal Network Agency offers.

Here you see one of the SPAM SMS I receive. No sender number, links which you don’t know where they lead to. And most important, no consent to send me such SMS.

Unwanted SMS
Unsolicited SMS

Luckily, the Federal Network Agency provides a form where you can fill a complaint against such unsolicited SMS or calls.

Eventually, if you get such SMS or calls, you might want to fill out the complaint form, helping to prevent this in the future.

Update: 2019-07-27

Today, I received feedback regarding my complaints from the Federal Network Agency. Unfortunately, nothing can be done as the sender is based in Malta and they do not provide any callback number.

Aus Ihrer Sachverhaltsschilderung ist kein von der Bundesnetzagentur zu verfolgender Verstoß zum Rufnummernmissbrauch oder zu unerlaubter Telefonwerbung erkennbar. Unter den konkreten Umständen besteht daher für die Bundesnetzagentur keine Möglichkeit einzuschreiten. Der Firmensitz des Anbieters befindet sich im Ausland (Malta) und es wird keine Rufnummer  beworben.

This is in fact very unfortunate, as it is obviously SPAM (similar SMS with different sender names), they want to make you to click on the links provided.


Organizing My Availability

Meanwhile, I spent quite some time answering emails and requested my availability. There is a family calendar, a work calendar, a lecture calendar and maybe I miss one or two.

I usually have to look through all of them. And of course, I usually miss one or two of them. Therefore, I started to use the Doodle MeetMe feature to consolidate the availabilities of various calendars at one place.

Doodle MeetMe

Especially the feature to share the availability times was quite appealing to me. Most users just know Doodle for creating polls about events and meetings. Therefore, I decided to give it a try for some time. To see how this works out.