Monday Morning Mug #6

Monday Morning MugLast week I took of a week to finish a couple of personal things, therefore nothing really interesting happened so far. There is a Windows Sidebar Refresh, which cold be worth a look. Reading Scott Hanselman’s Reading to Be a Better Developer I think about introducing a daily code-review hour. In fact I completely support that you become only a good coder if you read really a lot of code. Writing code is hard, reading it should hard, too. Really? Matthias had some thought on comments in source code which is directly linked to writing code. Something to pick up!


Monday Morning Mug #2

Monday Morning Mug #2A remarkable amount of nothing is going on at the blog-o-sphere – so nothing to summarize from there.

After the last meeting of members of the International Society for Web Engineering e.V. two weeks ago, we finally launched the ISWE portal. At the same time we established two social networking groups for our members within LinkedIn as well as Xing, formerly known as OpenBC. Application for memberships is available here [pdf].

Currently, I am revising my own paper, submitted to the BCS computer Journal as well as being Guest Editor for a special issue of the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering on Automation and Engineering for Ambient Intelligence.

It looks like this week will be a lot of writing and reading as well.

During the last week I accidentally surfed on a couple of interesting web sites as well. I found a online FLV Converter that allows you to save YouTube videos as DivX and MPEG4 into several containers. Christian Weyer wrote a nice article about dealing with WSDL in WCF. Instructables seems to be a nice web site providing step-by-step instructions how to do certain things: maybe I will go for the HDD clock.

Finally, my headset broke over the weekend, i.e. I won’t be available by Skype for the next few days until I get a replacement. Alerts

Windows Live AlertsWhile a dozen RSS feeds are subscribed in your favorite feed reader, you might be interested only in some particular feeds being updated during the day. Windows Live Alerts give you this new experience. If you want to get a alert within Windows Live Messenger when blog is updated, simply click the Windows Live Alerts button on the menu pane. Definitely a Web 2.0 application.

dasBlog upgrade

dasBlogIt has been a bit quite on this site for the last time. However, is not sharing the half life of many other web sites. is now running a weblog for more than 4 years. So it was time to upgrade the dasBlog engine to a recent daily build. Just a few minutes ago was upgraded to the dasBlog 1.9.7174.0 build. A complete backup of all previous posts was necessary in order to get the new build correctly running. Former posts will be uploaded step-by-step in the next future.

Advice for Ph.D. students from Tony Hoare

Niels Lohmann did a video of the closing session, given by Sir Tony Hoare at a Summer School in 2006. Even talking to him several times over here in Cambridge, it’s great to see this video.

“At the International Summer School Marktoberdorf 2006, Tony Hoare was asked to give the talk at the closing session. He gave a lot of advices for Ph.D. students, and I am glad I made a video of it to share these advices”