Several times I got the question what the vshost.exe is in Visual Studio Express Editions. If you are familiar with Visual Studio the answer is easy: It is called hosting process. And is described in here:

The hosting process is a feature in Visual Studio 2005 that improves debugging performance, enables partial trust debugging, and enables design time expression evaluation. The hosting process files contain vshost in the file name and are placed in the output folder of your project.”

PDF Poster

Having trouble to create a A1 poster out of a PowerPoint Slide? Is the bottom of the poster messed up? Here comes the solution: Actually, it does not matter what page size you choose for the PowerPoint slide. Print first a A4 (or maybe Letter) PDF. This usually works quiet fine. Then open the A4 PDF and re-print it to A1. In many cases this shall help.

Microsoft Announces Robotics Studio

Finally, I can tell it, Tandy Trower and his team have announced the Microsoft Robotic Studio. Last time I have seen it in early spring, some parts of the tool have been already very impressing. Finally, I am looking forward for the final release.

Robotics Studio

Beside this the Robot magazine gives a first impression of the Robotics Studio and some first screenshots of the upcoming Simulator. Furthermore the Carnegie Mellon University starts a new program supported by the Robotics Group from Redmond. Meanwhile, there is also a Channel 9 video of almost one hour available.