SyncToy 1.4

SyncToySynchronizing my laptop folders with three servers on different locations makes it difficult to keep track of what is already copied. SyncToy 1.4 should help me in getting this managed since I haven’t used it on my new machine yet and my XP machine still running version 1.2.


GRAVATRdasBlog does finally support Gravatars. One step more away from the anonym beginnings of the web. Check the comments of this blog entry to view how they work. Definitely another Web 2.0 application. Gravatars can be easy added to any weblog:

A gravatar, or globally recognized avatar, is quite simply an 80×80 pixel avatar image that follows you from weblog to weblog appearing beside your name when you comment on gravatar enabled sites. Avatars help identify your posts on web forums, so why not on weblogs?

DasBlog work continues…

Just 24h after I have upgraded my site to the dasBlog engine 1.9.7174.0 daily build, build was release as stable. The work is going on and Clemens gives a first impression on what is happening in the future:

Once the project switches over to be “native” on the CLR/BCL 2.0 (we’re discussing the actual target framework version), I’ll rejoin the effort and I already have several truckloads of new features or changes in the wait loop. You’ll be surprised what that little engine will learn to do over the next several months…. 😉

Remote Desktop Connection for Mac

Remote Desktop Connection Client for MacRemote Desktop Connection Client for Mac is here. Working on my Mac mini, sometimes I had to do things on my server. Consequently, I had to start one of my machines to connect to to the server remotely. Using the Remote Desktop Connection Client that’s a thing of the past. there are some nice features, not seen on the Windows client, that way: copy and paste seems to be working from and to the host system and you can print on your Mac printer while being in the remote session. Alerts

Windows Live AlertsWhile a dozen RSS feeds are subscribed in your favorite feed reader, you might be interested only in some particular feeds being updated during the day. Windows Live Alerts give you this new experience. If you want to get a alert within Windows Live Messenger when blog is updated, simply click the Windows Live Alerts button on the menu pane. Definitely a Web 2.0 application.

dasBlog upgrade

dasBlogIt has been a bit quite on this site for the last time. However, is not sharing the half life of many other web sites. is now running a weblog for more than 4 years. So it was time to upgrade the dasBlog engine to a recent daily build. Just a few minutes ago was upgraded to the dasBlog 1.9.7174.0 build. A complete backup of all previous posts was necessary in order to get the new build correctly running. Former posts will be uploaded step-by-step in the next future.