Tufte Style LaTeX

You might have heard of Edward Tufte. As a pioneer in data visualization, he also spent quite some time in book designs.

There is a great LaTeX project on GitHub dealing with this special design of Tufte’s books.

Example Book from tufte-latex

If you are just new to LaTeX or simply did not used it for a long time with it like me, this getting started tutorial will help you to get everything in place.

GitHub project: https://github.com/Tufte-LaTeX/tufte-latex
GitHub pages: https://tufte-latex.github.io/tufte-latex/
Getting started with Tufte-LaTeX: https://ajtulloch.github.io/2012/getting-started-with-tufte-latex/

Preview as PDF Viewer for LaTeX Workshop on Visual Studio Code on macOS

After switching to Visual Studio Code as LaTeX editor, I installed the LaTeX Workshop extension to gain decent support for editing LaTeX files on Code.

After fiddling around with the settings, I still was not able to use Preview on macOS.

First of all, make sure external PDF viewers are enabled in the user settings.

"latex-workshop.view.pdf.viewer": "external"

Furthermore, set Preview es external viewer. The trick here is, don’t think about Preview as a viewer, actually, it is the open┬ácommand.

Just set up the viewer as you would start preview on a terminal.

open -a preview mybook.pdf
This command used for user settings eventually ends in the following section.
"latex-workshop.view.pdf.external.command": {
    "command": "open",
    "args": [
With these settings, Preview will spawn with the created PDF right out of Visual Studio Code.