quick tips

Visual Studio 2005 Shortcut

There is a shortcut within Visual Studio i did not know yet. Press [Ctrl], [Alt] and arrow down. The following dialog shown below should appear. Using the up and down arrow it’s possible to cycle through the open files.


There is some redundancy with the dialog showing up when [Ctrl] + [Tab] is pressed, both provide the same functionality.


Coding4Fun @ UK

The last three weeks have been packed with traveling a lot. Birmingham, London and Harrogate. There, I was able to present a part of our work at the launch tour of Visual Studio et al. We present all the stuff together with MSDN Coding4Fun. So for everybody who asked: The Phidgets are available at the Phidgets Website and the fischertechnik models are sold in UK as well. Beside this, there is a video at Channel9 where Daniel Fernandez and Brian Kellel show some of the nifty projects. Next station of the launch events: Edinburgh. And yes, for all who asked: It works great with the Visual Studio Express Version, which is available for free.