LibraryThing Widget

I just spend some minutes this evening updating the LibraryThing Widget CSS styles.

LibraryThing Widget

The DIV classes used by LibraryThing are as follows:

.LTwrapper .LTheader .LTitem .LTprovided

LTwrapper is for the whole widget, LTheader only for the “Random books I have” line, Ltitem for each book and finally .LTprovided for the footer “powered by LibraryThing”.

However, to get some more flexibility in the layout you should make usage of the cascading property in CSS and define the .LTitem img class to position the images. It could look like the following then:

.LTitem img { float: right; margin: 0px 0px 0px 10px; }

O2 Upgrade for Windows Mobile 6

Oh dear, last month all my colleagues did an upgrade on their MDA aka Hermes 9600 for a newer ROM version. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any upgrade for the Xda Trion at the O2 XDA website. Also the German O2 website does not provide any information about ROM upgrades. Here I finally fond some information about O2 taking their Windows Mobile upgrade quite serious and the most importing information: All the upgrades are hosted by HTC directly. They even adapted the O2 style on the Windows Mobile 6 Update for Xda page.

Windows Mobile 6 Update for Xda

All you have to do is to enter the serial number of your Windows Mobile device (right behind the battery) and download the corresponding 52 MB bits. Before installing make sure your ActiveSync connection is set up properly and running. And that’s currently the only drawback of the whole story: I tried to perform the ROM upgrade first with my Windows Vista machine. The upgrade process seems to run up to the point where the application tries to upload the ROM files. At this point the application does not work properly with either Windows Vista or the Mobile Device Center. Therefore, I did take my Windows XP backup machine. There you simply plug-in your device and make sure that the ActiveSync connection is established.

Diffrent SPL Versions

It looks like the SPL version (whatever this is) was not updated by my first attempt. Connecting via ActiveSync showed a different version (2.03 instead of 1.04). After confirming the setup procedure on your desktop machine, the screen changes then to a progress bar. After approximately 10 minutes the ROM upgrade is complete, the device restarts and shows up the new Windows Mobile 6 screen.

Xda Trion with windows Mobile 6



I mentioned it before today: I started to create my virtual book shelf for technical books in LibraryThing a few days ago. It allows you adding new books by simply selecting them from a list. By entering the title, author or ISBN number you just query one of many book directories such as the Library of Congress or simply If you don’t find your book (e.g. in my case a couple of German books) you can add alternative Amazon websites. There are some interesting features in this kind of features I am interested in: (1) you can export your information to tab-delimited or CSV files. (2) You can easy access all the book information including cover images without typing all the information in first. (3) LibraryThing provides an API to access the information. I haven’t found time to check the API yet, but it allows you to receive simple information based on the submitted ISBN, title or language of the book.