xda Trion

Finally, I got my hands on a xda Trion aka HTC Hermes after the German mail lost my first one. It took almost four weeks to recover the delivery.

xda Trion



Design Update

Finally, I found some minutes to update the design of my weblog. The design is now the same as the webpage and the weblog is integrated into the site. However there is some tuning left, I have to do during the next few days. Basically I did manage to replace the dasBlog theme CSS by the one I use for the homepage. since the layout is similar, I just had to modify some of the CSS classes in the dasBlog templates.


MAPILap NNTP Profile Reset

After getting a licence and re-installing the MAPILap NNTP Outlook plug-in I was kind of frustrated that the plug-in did not work anymore. Basically I found the reason in the registry settings of the tool. There the account was still disabled since I have chosen this option during a test installation before.

NNTP RegEdit

Just delete the folder with the deactivated profile name. After the next start of Outlook the plug-in wizard appears again.


Robotics Studio August 2006 CTP

The Microsoft Studio August 2006 CTP is now available for download. The most important change is the renaming of the WSAP protocol to DSSP. The specification of DSSP can be found here. API changes are listed at here.


Live Writer

Live Writer seems to be a quite nifty tool for offline blogging. The installations process is quite easy.

Welcome to Windows Live Writer

Choose Blog Type

Blog Homepage and Login

Select Provider

Also the handling of the tool is quite intuitive. And the support for adding images is awesome. Since I use shadows for all my images, I am quite pleased that Live Writer does support this feature which saves me some time while blogging.