Subversion as a Service

Looking for svnserve , I realized that the link is dead. Instead I found some hints that subversion from version 1.4 .x on supports to be started as a service out of the box. After running

sc create svn.local binpath= ""c:\program files\subversion\bin\svnserve.exe" --service --root c:svn" displayname= "Subversion Repository" depend= Tcpip

I just had to change the service settings to be automatically started.

Subversion Repository

Startup Type

More information on this topic can be found here.

2 1337 4 th4t //0r!d

A wile a go A parent’s primer to computer slang was published. Due to a discussion of allowing “texting” (acronyms used for text messages) for official exam in New Zealand, I was pointed on this page, how history lessons may look in the future.

All Quiet on the Western Front

German_Emp takes a screenshot during the crucial moments before his defeat. Many have criticized USA for bunny-hopping.

German_Emp: this sux

German_Emp: i coulda been playing Halo 2

German_Emp: let's end this

USA: ok

UK: ya

USA: u guyz lose tho

Aus_HuNg: i dun even care NEmore

*Aus_HuNg has left the game*

German_Emp: Tht sux0r3d

Franc3: yeah

*Inflation for German_Emp increases to 376,346,568,356.978* 

WeimaRep engages in a bit of ironic foreshadowing

*Player:German_Emp now known as WeimaRep 

WeimaRep: i hav liek a depression now

USA: ROFL emo. pWn3d

Franc3: STFU i hav 1 to

WeimaRep: good thing this will nvr happen again!

Franc3: yeah, def.

Robotics Studio: Additional Shader Files for NVidia GeForce Go 5200

Due to some issues with the NVidia GeForce Fx Go 5200 graphics card of the Toshiba m200 Tablet PC, I got some modified shader files for this card, with permission to put them on the Channel9 sandbox.

“Together with the Redmond group we did some experiments using several different shader files with the Robotics Studio Simulation Environment and a NVidia GeForce Fx Go 5200 graphics chips with 32MB memory as it is found on the Toshiba m200 Tablet PC”

The archive contains two shader files. Unpack and copy the files into the folder store\media within your MSRS directory.

I have tested these files with the chipset mentioned above and the November CTP of the Robotics Studio.

As it works with the mobile version of the chipset, the shaders may also work with the NVidia GeForce Fx 5200 as well as with other chipsets. Please contribute in testing your graphics card (as it does not work with the November CTP) and let the team know if your graphics card does run the simulation with these shader files.”

The files can be downloaded directly from Channel9.