How to keep a Docker container alive

To debug a Docker container, I was looking for a way to keep the container up and running to inspect it.

Basically, I wanted to bash into the container to verify some changes I made. After fiddling around for a while, I found a simple way to do so . In my case, the only package installed was bash. Eventually, there are few services you could use to keep the container running. However, you can use simply use tail the following way

ENTRYPOINT ["tail", "-f", "/dev/null"]

in the Dockerfile to keep the container up after ist started.

Lifehack: Reducing the Temperature in your Rabbit Warren

More than 30° Celcius (ie. more than 86° Fahrenheit) is quite hot if you are a rabbit. As we keep some handtame rabbits in an outdoor rabbit warren, we thought of how it could be possible to reduce the temperature in an open area. This is a problem probably not being solved with electronics or software at all unless you plan to include liquid nitrogen in your solution.

Very Hot Rabbit Warren

Eventually, we found this awesome cooling set from Gardena (Amazon affiliate link). I was pointed to it last year by Clemens as he tweeted about it in his rabbit warren.

Gardena Cooling System

Originally designed for the convenience of human beings, it turns out, this is quite relaxing for rabbits as well. The system creates a very fine mist cooling down the sprinkled are several degrees.

Relaxed and Cooled Down Rabbits

Being an astronaut?

Check out if you want to know if you would be an astronaut candidate. Being fascinated by space, I think I missed the right direction at one point. I only do fit 50% into the required scheme.

What’s the test about?

Astronaut Aptitude Test asks a series of lifestyle and knowledge questions based on official NASA Astronaut Candidate requirements to determine how suited you are to space. The quiz also includes visual tests based on psychological studies to analyse your spatial visualisation, mechanical comprehension and abstract reasoning – the essential qualities that NASA first tested in 1959.

So what I am missing? The results of the questionnaire are broken down on the website:

The good point: I would fit into space based on my personality. I did not do well in the physics and astronomy questions, therefore I really really failed in knowledge and education. Actually, I did not know in which whatever “sphere” satellites do fly.

Said that I think I have to read some astronomy books and I will come to the test back at a later point. Give it a try. It might surprise you as well.


Just another ToDo App

I assume I have written a dozen of ToDo apps myself and I have tried out at least twice the number of apps, however, I never used one of these apps more than a few days or weeks. Mostly because the apps had some major lack of functionality, such as mailing todos, syncing over various platforms and so on.

Eventually, I ended up with Todoist. I was not aware of this tool, but I am highly pleased with it since I used it.

It comes with Browser integration (i.e. I can use it on my Macbook as well as on my Windows PC), it comes with an easy to use iOS app and it has some quite nice features:


Works always. It is called Karma in the app. I gained a lot. I plan to gain more. This is ridiculous but it works. If you don’t finish tasks you lose Karma, if you fulfill your tasks, you gain. If you accomplish repeating tasks your Karma raises. It works for me – and it’s simple without putting pressure on you.

Easy Syntax

What really works well for me ist the super simple syntax of creating tasks.

Wash the car tomorrow#home

will schedule the task for tomorrow (other things like next week works as well) and sort the task into your project home. It really saves you a lot of clicks in the app.


Each project can have its own mail recipient. I simply keep them in my address book and send emails to <ToDo Home> . That’s much better than keeping the todos in your inbox as I did until recently.

Create todo from Webpages

This is one of the killer features for me. I often end up reading a webpage thinking, I have to follow up on this topic. Eventually, I send myself an email. You get the idea where it usually ends.

I guess I haven’t figured out all the features, yet. However, the features mentioned above I just used by exploring the apps without reading any documentation. Therefore the tool is a big yes in my opinion. I hope they keep it up this way, as I have seen many great apps suddenly being torn down by feature creep.


Animated Icons

As you might know, I subscribed The Noun Project as my ultimate source for icons. I use them for presentations, lectures and sometimes web sites. It’s a lifesaver for me.

Recently I received a newsletter which pointed me to a tutorial on how to create animated icons. It’s quite a good tutorial and if you are in the need to create animated icons this might be something for you. As I am not very gifted with these tools, I just leave it here in case I need it at a point later in time.


The Open Source Issue

After working several years for Microsoft (before MSFT started to open source code), I already used quite a lot of open-source software. I run my own Linux server in the cloud internet and used a whole bunch of free and open-source software. Actually, I also open-sourced quite a bit of my code as well as contributed to various open-source projects, such as the openHAB project.

I have quite a fan of Ubuntu and nevertheless how much I would like to, I probably never will find time to contribute in a meaningful manner until I retire. Also, I have an endless list of ideas of things, I would like to write, code and probably open-source, I eventually will never get along with that list. Even worse, there is a whole list of abandoned projects I would like to claim and push forwards, but again this will never happen.

Quite some time ago, I had a friend who wrote open source. At one day, he said farewell to the community with the word “Sorry guys, however, I now have to work for real money.”, which actually point out the issue quite well.

I haven’t thought about this friend for quite a while until I meanwhile started using my very own OwnCloud server. I started browsing the addons and apps and was faced a quite frustrating situation.

For one of the plugins, I was looking for I found the following announcement

Due to the massive testing effort and the problem of nearly no donations I’m going to stop the further development. If anyone wants to step in, feel free

For another plugin in Firefox, I heavily used on for years I got the notification the project will not be continued in the future.

I am absolutely aware that maintaining OSS need quite a lot of effort and dedication. Especially if the OSS is created and maintained by private persons. Therefore, I was very disappointed by one comment recently made at on one of my projects:

..but in our org we cannot just sit and wait until someone fixes the issue.

You could still bay the author to fix the issue. This would instantly address the point made by my former colleague mentioned above. And here we go, I realized that sometimes companies doe use OSS as it does not cost money, but also the are not willing to pay to get things fixed or to fix these issues and contribute to the project due to company policies. Been there. Seen it.

I hope there will be a mind shift towards OSS and fewer comments as the one above.

Change what Terminal to open in Windows Terminal (Preview)

While using Windows terminal (Preview) for quite some time, I always opened up the Terminal and then opened a second Tab with my WLS instance. Doing this multiple times a day, this ends up in many many unnecessary clicks.

To change the default behaviour open the Settings (can be found at the right drop-down arrow of the Terminal tabs).

This will open up the settings JSON file. Look up for the defaultProfile entry and search for the corresponding GUID (the string behind this setting) in your document.

Change the GUID in the defaultProfile to the one identifying your prefered terminal.

Save it, close the file and save a lot of clicks.

Visual Studio Code – Auto Time Stamp

While organizing most of my information in Markdown files meanwhile, I like to have some metadata in each file to see e.g. when files have been created and/or updated.

The Auto Time Stamp extension is a small extension that doe exactly this for you. By adding Created: and/or Last modified: the extension will update these fields automatically when the file is saved.

// Created: 2018/02/04 12:24:41
// Last modified: 2018/02/09 11:41:41

This extension is going into my must-have toolbox for VS Code.

Link: (GitHub):
Link (VS Marketplace):